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Villar Rosales francisco. It is an ideal spot for the development of tourism, based on sustainability and respect for the environment. With an age-old agricultural and cattlerearing tradition, and thanks to its rich hydrological supplies, this northern municipality was considered the countryside capital of Gran Canaria for centuries. It also possesses some of the most ancestral of traditions, the highlights of which are its many culinary products, including cheeses from the hillsides, and the bizcochos lustrados sponges and suspiros cakes, which have made Moya famous, both within our frontiers and far beyond. There is a genuinely rural atmosphere here which has been preserved to the present day, and which is much admired by the thousands of local and foreign visitors who flock here to discover all the local treasures, either as a stop-off point during their day trips or staying over for several nights at one of the many hotels and country cottages around the region.

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